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Bridge the Digital Divide

The First Software Technology to Bridge the Digital Divide in Tamil Computing.

The One & Only Solution

"Anyone can do typing easily using ISCII/TSCII/TAM/TAB/UNICODE/TANE(TAUN) and so many other fonts with one (Viruppappadi) Software"

Great Flexibility

The First Software in Tamil Computing that enables Auto Correction Features in all applications and all fonts with all (18) keyboard layouts.

The First Software Concept that enables Lingual Shortcut Keys to insert a word or even Entire paragraph in all applications in all Tamil fonts and all (18) Keyboard layouts.

Unique Identity

The First Software Utility in Tamil Computing Containing Meanings for more than 60,000 English Words in English -Tamil Dictionary.

Unique Solution

The First, One & Only Software Utility in Tamil Computing to Convert 117 Tamil Font Families (Any-to-Any) Including Unicode, TANE (TAUN) , TSCII, ISCII, ASCII 7 Bit & ASCII 8 Bit.

18x117 =2106 Tamil Keyboard Drivers In Single Pack

Tamil Grammar Solution

The First, One & Only Software Utility in Tamil Computing to Notify Tamil Grammar Mistakes While Typing in Tamil on All Applications.

Smart on Simplification

The First Software Utility to Assist in Choosing the Available Font Designs at one Stroke.

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